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Benefits of Foaming Hand Soap

Foaming hand soap is considered to be easy on the
environment, affordable, efficient, hygienic, and an all-around sustainable option. There’s no doubt that it has grown rapidly in popularity over the last five to ten years. 

Here’s a  look at the specific benefits of foaming hand soap and how they make a measurable impact on environmental, financial, and sustainability decisions:

Environmentally friendly.  Because it is a diluted form of liquid hand soap, less soap is used per hand washing session.  It is also thinner and less likely to clog drains. Foam soap doesn’t rely on chemicals to create lather, either. Forced air causes natural lathering, which helps foaming soap biodegrade faster than traditional liquid soap. Additionally, you can get more hand washes per package with foaming soap, reducing packaging and transportation impacts on the environment.

Cost-effective.  Wasting less soap means buying less soap. Foaming soap dispensers release less soap than regular liquid soap dispensers do, allowing users to achieve the same level of cleanliness with less soap. Less soap per hand wash makes the same amount last longer, which costs less.  

Measured amount for proper hygiene.  Because foaming hand soap lathers more easily, less of it is required to achieve an acceptable level of hand hygiene. Foaming soap maintains this advantage because it is dispensed in a ready-to-lather form. Less of it is needed to fully cover hands in lather. Less of it is wasted and washed down the drain, as well.

There’s no doubt that foaming hand soap is giving solid form and liquid hand soaps a run for their money. The long term benefits of soap that requires less chemicals to manufacture, is hands down easier on the environment, and saves money for both the manufacturer and the consumer are hard to ignore.

Chemical Management Systems

Betco Fastdraw System

Innovative - Simple - Versatile - Cost Effective 

Betco’s FASTDRAW chemical management systems consistently provide the correct dilution for cleaning staffs. These innovative, versatile and simple systems utilize a one size fit all FASTDRAW®bottle design that reduces inventory investment.When cleaning chemicals are not accurately diluted, it is like pouring money down the drain which can potentially endanger the cleaning staff as well as cause poor cleaning results

The FASTDRAW® bottle design serves all Betco chemical management systems – Reduces inventory.Metering inserts are in each FASTDRAW® bottle – Built in metering inserts constantly maintains accurate dilution and eliminates maintenance.


The FASTDRAW® bottle design fits all dispensing systems for simplifying training and use. FASTDRAW® bottles are color coded and numbered for easy chemical selection and training. Intuitive icons eliminate guess work for…• Filling spray bottles, mop buckets or automatic scrubbers.• Inserting and changing FASTDRAW® bottles


Over 30 different cleaning products to meet a wide range of facility cleaning needs.Single or multiple product dispensing units to precisely match your cleaning requirements.Dispensers available in wall mounted or portable options for dilution control wherever it’s needed.

Cost Effective

The Betco FASTDRAW® chemical management systems reduce cleaning costs by up to 30% by accurately diluting the correct amount of chemical while filling spray bottles, mop buckets or automatic scrubbers versus the pouring method.

            ​​Life Cycle of Floor Care

​A properly maintained floor will reduce costly restoration.

1.  Routine Maintenance
Maximum floor appearance is achieved when the floor coating is clean and smooth. Soils penetrate the protective coating and cause the film to become rough, less slip resistant and less reflective. Proper routine maintenance is required to maintain the desired appearance level of the floor and to extend the time between interim and restorative maintenance procedures.

2. Interim Maintenance
Interim maintenance, commonly called top scrub and re-coat, is employed when routine maintenance no longer produces the desired appearance levels, and if further deterioration occurred, the floor would require stripping. During the top scrub and re-coat process, the top, dirty layers of the floor finish are removed. Then two or more coats of finish are applied to restore the original shine of the floor.

3. Restorative Maintenance
Over time, traffic and soils take their toll on the finish. When routine and interim maintenance procedures no longer produce the desired results, a procedure known as stripping and refinishing is required. The stripping procedure involves the use of specially formulated floor strippers which emulsify the soiled layers of finish. The emulsified finish is then agitated and removed, leaving the floor surface clean, film free and ready for new layers of finish.

Organize janitorial supplies for visibility.  Turn bottle labels forward, add bold colorful tags to boxes of products, and compartmentalize into clear containers. You'll be able to access what you need and conduct quick efficient inventory too.

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Injuries are very costly. Provide proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like gloves and eye protection.  Many workers who don't wear eye protection accidentally spray cleaning chemicals into the eyes. Others develop an allergic reaction to chemicals when not wearing gloves.

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