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Healthcare Isolation Liners

We offer a complete line of color coded printed bags for infectious waste, infectious linen and soiled linen applications. Our isolation bags comply with the latest state and federal requirements and contain no heavy
metals. All of these liners are sealed with our original X-Seal bottom for
added safety and reliability.

RED Coreless

HXR24   24x 24    1.2mil     Red     10/25's     Infectious Waste      10gal

HXR33   24x 33    1.2mil     Red     10/25's     Infectious Waste      15gal

HXR40   33x 40    1.2mil     Red      8/25’s      Infectious Waste      33gal

HXR46   40x 46    1.2mil     Red      10/10’s     Infectious Waste   40-45gal


BLUE Coreless

HXB-43  31x 43    1.2mil     Blue    10/20’s     Soiled Linen            33gal

High Density Liners
Wound on rolls without cores, Coreless Rolls are easy to handle and afford you flexibility in the way you distribute liners to your employees. These small rolls are ideal for the healthcare and contract cleaning markets. 100% prime resin. When placed at bottom of receptacle, next liner automatically follows when full liner is removed. Small, compact rolls are easy to handle.

Clear Coreless

PS101505C     24x 33     8mic         Clear        20/50’s          15gal
HCR37/10C   30 x 37    10mic       Clear        20/25’s     20-30gal
HCR48MC      40 x 48    11mic       Clear        10/25’s     40-45gal
HCR48XC       40 x 48    16mic       Clear        10/25’s     40-45gal

Black Coreless

HCR40XB       33 x 40    16mic       Black        10/25’s     40-45gal

Premium Black Liners
Heavy gauge film to handle demanding loads/ Ideal for customers who demand the “feel” of a thicker bag. Popular with municipalities and industrial manufacturers

PS333912          33 x 40    1.2mil       Black        5/20's            33gal
PS385812          38 x 58    1.2mil       Black        10/10's          60gal
PS3858HD         38 x 58    1.5mil       Black        100/cs           60gal
PS404612          40 x 46    1.2mil       Black        5/20's            45gal
PS434712          43 x 47    1.2mil       Black        10/10's          56gal

Linear Low Density Standard Liners

Made from a blend of Premium Linear Low Density resins, these economical liners feature superior stretch and tear resistance and are designed to handle ordinary waste removal.

PS2424 - 24 x 23       .35 mil      Black   1000ct     20/50’s     10gal
PS101545 - 24 x 32   .35mil       Black   1000ct     20/50’s     15gal

Flat Pack
CXC23L - 24 x 23      .35mil       Clear   1000ct      20/50’s    10gal